Small Fish Beats Big Fish Through Customer Engagement

February 17, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Creating experiences and an emotional connection will help customers feel like they’re getting more value from a retailer — and that they’re being valued and appreciated in return.”

This quote from CRM Daily emphasizes that customers go to the companies that offer the most value. And it is often held that the bigger the company, the bigger the value it can offer. Thus,. it has also become common in the world of economics that the big fish eventually bests the small fish. However, another economic truth  challenges the prevailing trend.

Small shop owners and retailers are able to beat big companies by providing more value to their customers. They did it by creating a bond between the company and the client. This may prove to be difficult with large companies as they have to deal with hundreds or thousands of clients.

When a business stops thinking of what it can get from the potential buyers and starts thinking about what it can provide for its customers, then these small start-ups can compete with their large competitors.~~ Lornajane Altura


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